Who We Are

Maine Quality Counts brochure

Maine Quality Counts is a catalyst to achieve better health for Mainers. We introduce innovative models for health care and build clinical and community connections to promote health care transformation.

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Maine Quality Counts is transforming health and health care in Maine by leading, collaborating and aligning improvement efforts


Through the active engagement and alignment of people, communities and health care partners, every person in Maine will enjoy the best of health and have access to patient centered care that is uniformly high quality, equitable and efficient


  1. Further increase system alignment to transform health and health care.
  2. Promote a sustainable system of quality improvement assistance to all providers in Maine.
  3. Foster meaningful consumer engagement in transforming health and health care in Maine.
  4. Promote integration of behavioral and physical health.
  5. Assure the organizational success and sustainability of QC needed to meet our mission.



  1. Our actions are guided by the overarching goal ("true north") of improving health and health care for Maine people - i.e. promoting quality care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, patient-centered, and coordinated - while staying mindful that we are working within limited resources.
  2. We are transparent, and actively and effectively communicate our plans, programs and activities across a wide range of potential stakeholders.
  3. We include and support consumers in all activities we undertake.
  4. We are inclusive - we strive to identify, inform, and engage organizations or individuals that are engaged in similar activities, or may potentially have an interest in working together.
  5. When conflicts arise, we make our choices based on what is best for patients and the people of Maine.
  6. We strive to work through the difficult conversations about alignment and collaboration in order to reduce duplication and increase our overall efficacy, including being willing to address potentially difficult issues such as overlap of services, programs and efforts, or competition for limited sources of funding.
  7. We share knowledge, information, and tools freely.
  8. We avoid duplicative activities; if an organization(s) with which we are compatible is already providing a service or program, we will try to collaborate rather than replicating efforts.
  9. We actively look for ways to enhance the capacity of our partners, including looking for opportunities to approach funders jointly to the greatest extent feasible to increase resources and promote enhanced results through collaborative efforts.
  10. Where greater capacity appears to be needed, we will collaborate with other organization(s) to explore the most collaborative and efficient means to expand capacity for Maine.



At Maine Quality Counts, our work benefits the full range of health care stakeholders:

Everyone benefits from QC’s role as connector, collaborator, and neutral convener that provides opportunities and leadership to develop and implement practical health care quality solutions. In this rapidly changing health care environment, QC serves as a sense-maker, connecting the dots and bringing helpful updates and information on key issues related to the evolving health care landscape.

Health care systems and hospitals benefit from QC’s support of health care transformation across the spectrum of care. Our efforts to promote effective transitions of care have brought primary care practices together with key partners across the medical neighborhood, including hospitals, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, home care agencies, and community-based agencies.

Physicians, health care professionals, and practice teams benefit from our technical assistance, allowing them to create clinical systems and care teams that are more efficient and patient-centered.  Additionally, they benefit from the payment changes QC has helped to drive. Over the past three years, QC and its partners have helped secure agreements from public and private payers that have brought in more than $40 million in payments to primary care practices and Community Care Teams taking part in the Maine Patient Centered Medical Home Pilot.

Health care insurers benefit from our initiatives to increase clinical efficiency, reduce overtreatment and expand the capacity of consumers to make informed decisions about their care. 

Employers know that poor health care quality increases costs - on average, costing an additional $2,000 per employee per year. Employers benefit from the efforts we’ve made - at the policy, system and clinical levels - to steadily improve care quality and thereby reduce costs.

Individuals benefit from the improvements we’ve brought to their own care, such as more responsive and approachable health care providers and improved access to timely, patient-centered care. They enjoy increased access to information that they can use to make wise care decisions.

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