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Maine Quality Counts, as one of the State’s designated partners in the State Innovation Model (SIM) Initiative, provides leadership support for the Maine SIM Delivery System Reform Subcommittee.  The Delivery System Reform Subcommittee advises on SIM activities related to the scope of delivery system improvements, ensuring that the SIM governance structure is informed on best practices and approaches to accomplish the SIM mission and vision, and identify key dependencies from the SIM Subcommittees for Payment Reform and Data and Analytics Infrastructure. The Subcommittee is Chaired by Lisa Tuttle of Maine Quality Counts ( To learn more about QCs role in SIM, click here.

Click here for a list of Subcommittee Core, Ad Hoc, and Interested Parties Members. To learn more about SIM Delivery System Reform Subcommittee, contact the Chair, Lisa Tuttle, MPH at or by phone, Lise Tancrede (207) 620-8526 Extension 1001

For more information on the Maine SIM initiative, see the Maine DHHS website at:

The Delivery System Reform Subcommittee meeting dates are below.  All meetings are from 10:00 am to 12 Noon in the Main Conference Room of 221 State Street, Augusta, Maine.  To participate in the meeting by phone and/or website, contact Lise Tancrede at (207) 620-8526 Extension 1001 for information.

To Access the meeting materials and download, click on the date link.

2016 SIM DSR Subcommittee Meetings

2015 SIM DSR Subcommittee Meetings

2014 SIM DSR Subcommittee Meetings

2013 SIM DSR Subcommittee Meetings

                "This work is made possible with funding from the Maine State Innovation Model Initiative"