Brightspots: What Works in Health Care

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Brightspots logoEach episode of Brightspots introduces listeners to a front line health care provider who has discovered a practical, measurable and replicable way to improve patient experience, address population health, reduce costs or improve provider satisfaction. Listen, learn and be inspired.

Brightspots is hosted by QC's Medical Director, Rhonda Selvin, APRN, CNP and produced by Paul Santomenna, QC's Marketing and Communication Manager.

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We're always looking for new subjects for Brightspots episodes. If you know of someone, anywhere in the country, whose work fits the Brightspots criteria above, please tell us about them via email. Thank you!

Brightspots Episodes

1. Tapering Opiods: Kristen Silvia

June 3, 2016

In response to the opioid overdose epidemic and new science suggesting that opioids are not indicated for chronic pain, Dr. Kristen Silvia of Scarborough Family Medicine in Scarborough, Maine set...

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2. Lose Your Marbles: Margaret Towle

July 29, 2016

At Dexter Family Practice, a small rural health center in Dexter, Maine, a simple competition between male and female patients has helped 100 patients collectively shed more than 1,600 pounds in a little...

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3. POLST: Rob Hunold

September 26, 2016

POLST, which stands for Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment, is a type of advance directive that patients who may have less than a year to live can use to inform providers about their treatment...

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